The Basics

5% GST applies to all labour. 7% PST is added to hardware related service – install or repair.

System Cleanup – $89.95

This is the most popular package and includes comprehensive memory and hard drive tests, an interior inspection of your system which is then dusted if required, application of security patches and upgrades to your Operating System as well as other installed applications, and removal of temp files and other optimizations. For Windows the Registry is cleaned up and the hard drive is defragmented to optimize performance.

Upon request I can also install some of my favourite free software apps to fill the gaps in your system and to help you get your work done while staying safe. Such software includes free antivirus packages, spyware detectors and cleaners, productivity suites, multimedia applications, and more!

System Build – $250

Let’s build a custom system designed for you! We decide what your needs and budget are then order the individual parts and build you something unique. Don’t want just another Dell? Have special requirements to get the most out of your gaming? I can help.

Data Recovery – $75 for an attempt – hourly rates beyond the first hour

I can attempt recovery of your precious data from a failing hard drive but – due to the nature of this problem I cannot guarantee results. Generally once I’ve been able to take a look at the drive I will have a good idea of what the damage is like and what I can achieve. Then we have a talk and you decide how to proceed after all your questions are answered.

Virus Removal – $75 for an attempt – results may vary – hourly rates apply

If you’ve been nailed by a virus or nasty piece of spyware and need it removed – give me a call. I can assess the damage and let you make an informed decision about cleanup. If your system has been compromised you need to know what the bad guys were after and what they may have collected from your machine.

Please be aware that some viruses cannot be removed and a complete reformat and reinstall of the system is sometimes the only safe answer. I can help you decide what your situation calls for.

Information on Hourly Rates can be found here.
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