5% GST applies to all labour. 7% PST is added to hardware related service – install or repair.

What?! There’s more!?

VHS to DVD or digital conversion. Call for details. I can convert your old family movies into DVDs or digital files so you can carry them with you into the next round of technology.

Have an old cassette collection of precious recordings you need digitized? I can help. Need some vinyl converted to FLAC or MP3? I can do that too.

Do you have an old computer taking up space in your home? Would you like to get rid of it? GIRO will recycle it but why not give me a call first? I’ll pick it up, clean it up and recover any usable hardware before making sure it gets to GIRO for proper disposal and recycling. If you have parts or whole systems for donation please give me a shout!

Information on Hourly Rates can be found here.
Information about our Basic Services can be found here.