Advanced Services

5% GST applies to all labour. 7% PST is added to hardware related service – install or repair.

Security Cameras – call for a quote

I can design and setup a custom security camera system using a refurbished computer and some basic USB web cameras. Or we can discuss some of the other options out there on the market for you – and weigh the pros and cons between cloud hosted services or keeping everything In House.

Network Design and Setup – call for a quote

Many clients already have a wireless network but are unable to use it to the full potential, let me help! I can determine an optimal location for your wireless base station and work on extending the range of the wireless signal to let you use your Internet connection not only in your home but also in any out-buildings you may have not to mention the deck or hot tub!

Mesh Networks are changing the game. Would you rather pay Shaw monthly for a setup or pay up front for your own hardware and save $$$ over time?

Network Servers and Security – call for details

Do your needs exceed the protection you get from that $40 off-the-shelf router you bought at London Drugs? Are you looking to do more than just surf the web and send email with your home network? Give me a call. I can provide you with a bulletproof firewall setup to keep the Bad Guys out. I can create a home media server for you to share all your music, videos and photos with the rest of your network. I can set you up with a solid email/web/firewall system to get it all done. Have an idea of something you want to do? The sky is the limit.

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